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Clitoral Unhooding Patient Success Story


CASE STUDY — Renewed Marital Bliss
"Strengthening Our Love For Each Other"

Rebecca Jones had a problem. One that she'd been living with for a very long time.

It wasn't a problem with her husband cheating on her.

It certainly wasn't a marital relationship problem—she and her husband had a strong bond that included mutual respect for each other, and two wonderful children. It was something else.

Rebecca felt she'd "lost" something . . . and wasn't sure if she could do anything about it.

Dr. Royal Benson, III, her gynecologist, and an experienced Cosmetic Feminine Genital Surgery Specialist in Bryan, Texas (just outside Houston) had for many, many years been Rebecca's medical consult, and had provided her with regular annual check-ups and exams. Over the years, Dr. Benson and Rebecca had formed a close bond, whereby she felt comfortable discussing even the most sensitive subjects.

Six months ago, she came in for a routine check up. During the course of the examination Dr. Benson became aware that something was weighing heavily on her mind. "Dr. Benson has such an easy-going style, and is such a pleasant man, well . . . it seemed at times he just KNEW I had something bothering me and would usually get the conversation going," she says.

Dr. Benson had seen the signals before. After a brief pause, he asked, " . . . how is your sex life." Those few words were all that was needed to get the healing process going, Dr. Benson recounts.

Rebecca began to explain how she'd felt when she and her husband had first been married. How they'd had a mutually satisfying sexual relationship where both had reached climaxes most of the time. But, things had changed. She'd lost some of the sensation she'd once had, and told Dr. Benson that it was beginning to affect both of their lives. Rebecca was adamant that it wasn't a reflection of any kind on her husband's performance, but thought it might be something wrong with her. She asked if what she was experiencing was to be expected, and "normal", for someone her age, with children. Dr. Benson replied that it wasn't . . . more importantly, he said he could help her.

Rebecca began to explain that she couldn't feel the sensation that she'd once had, and in fact, now felt "loose". She didn't enjoy intercourse anymore, and wasn't comfortable because she and her husband had to go for extended periods of time before she would experience an orgasm. Many times, she'd not climax at all.

"You can only go so long before you begin to think about it, and know, deep inside that you're not going to reach that point . . . and well, you just want to give up. And that was hard on my husband. Because years ago, we both would climax around the same time, and in the last few years, for some reason, I just needed more stimulation, because, as I said, it seemed that I'd lost something. And that really bothered him—not because he felt it was his fault—but because he cared deeply about me and knew I wasn't satisfied. We thought we had no choice but to give up that part of our relationship. It was real hard on both of us. Sometimes, we'd not have sex for a month or more," Rebecca said thoughtfully.

The solution?

Dr. Benson put Rebecca through a series of medical tests to detect clitoral sensitivity, size, and ease of clitoral de-sheathing—the process whereby the dermal sheath covering the clitoral node is exposed—something that normally occurs during sexual intercourse. He also checked the width of her vaginal canal. The result was that she'd lost some sensitivity due to childbirth, and he proposed a combination of three surgical procedures to address her problem. All would work in unison to improve her sensation and give her a tighter feeling.

Dr. Benson performed a vaginoplasty, a labiaplasty, and a clitoral unhooding. All were performed in Dr. Benson's State-approved Surgical Center, in Bryan, Texas, and they were done at the same time. The combined surgery took a bit over three hours and Dr. Benson employed traditional techniques; using iris scissors to achieve a natural-looking rugated tissue edge (naturally wrinkled) for labiaplasty. There were no complications.

Six weeks later, Rebecca was fully healed and after a final post-op examination, Dr. Benson gave her the "okay" to have sex for the first time since the surgery. "I have to say, at first I was a little bit nervous . . . because I felt pretty small . . . but when my husband and I had sex, well, it was like nothing I've ever experienced before. I had an orgasm probably within three minutes. I was very, very surprised. I was like . . . well, I just wished I would have done this ten years ago."

When asked how she'd refer to her current condition to that of before, Rebecca stated that she'd already had discussions with some of her friends, who were aware of her problem and one even had the same problem. "I told my friends, and this one girl who had my problem, how good it was. My husband even talked to some of their husbands to tell them how good it was from a man's perspective. He says he can really feel me much better now, and sex is new and exciting again. We have a very good relationship and marriage, and with this done, it has made our relationship much, much stronger. There's no reason why any woman in her forties should go without sex, or enjoy a wonderful sexual relationship with her spouse. I feel like I've found what I had lost . . . I feel like I'm 25 again!"



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